Amazon AWS S3 CDN media server – module for PrestaShop

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PrestaShop 1.7.x

Purpose of the Module
The Amazon AWS S3 CDN media server module is designed to optimize your online store by transferring the majority of your store files to a CDN and loading them from the Amazon AWS S3 cloud. This module replaces the standard media server and offers a highly customizable system for managing settings and files.

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Merchant Gains

  • Administrators have the ability to select specific files to be stored in the cloud based on categories (such as themes, modules, etc.), file types, and extensions.
  • Precisely manage files that should be loaded from the server or the cloud.
  • Admins can retrieve any file from the cloud and bring it back to the server when needed.
  • Choose between AWS S3 Bucket or AWS Cloud Form.
  • Designed for FRONT-END files exclusively, with no impact on back-end functionality.
  • Cost reduction compared to traditional hosting, with the added benefits of high scalability, security, and AWS’s durability.

Customer Advantages

  • Customers will experience faster site loading due to parallel content loading streams when opening the site, resulting in quicker loading times compared to hosting-located files.
  • File accessibility and availability are guaranteed with files hosted on AWS, ensuring 100% availability even during high server loads.
  • Improved site speed benefits all customers.

Key Features

  • Administrators have the flexibility to upload selected files to the AWS cloud, allowing them to choose which files are uploaded based on extensions, types, and more.
  • Admins can seamlessly switch files between the cloud and the hosting environment as needed.
  • HTML file source links are automatically updated based on file location, whether in the cloud or on the hosting server. Any changes made by administrators are reflected in the source links to prevent broken images or links.

Module Configuration

1. “Configuration” Tab

Amazon AWS connection settings:

Amazon AWS S3 CDN media server Module

  • Bucket name – Your Amazon S3 Bucket name
  • Access key – Your Amazon account’s access key
  • Secret key – Your Amazon account’s secret key
  • Location – Choose an AWS server location
  • Use Cloudfront – (Yes/No) Use Cloudfront. All links to files in the Bucket will go through Cloudfront.
  • Cloudfront ID – Your Cloudfront ID
  • Click the Test link to AWS button to validate the data and test the AWS connection

Select files to upload to AWS and use on the site:

Amazon AWS S3 CDN media server Module Prestashop

  • Synchronize Images – Upload style files to AWS
    • Product Images – All product images
    • Category Images – All category images
    • Manufacturer Images – Images (logos) of manufacturers
    • Modules Images – Images of modules on the site (sliders, banners, etc.) *
  • Synchronize CSS – Upload style files to AWS
    • Main Files CSS – Core files (located in /js)
    • Theme Files CSS – Your Theme Files
    • Modules Files CSS – Your Modules files

2. “General” Tab

Amazon AWS S3 CDN media server Module

Button functionality:

  • Upload files to S3 – Upload all files that match the settings on the Configuration tab
  • Upload new/edit files – Upload only files that have been created and/or modified
  • Update Date Edit – Check and show modification dates of files to control what and where was edited/created on the server
  • Delete inactive files – Delete deactivated files from the cloud
  • Clear bucket – Clear the entire cloud

Files table considering the specified settings:

Amazon AWS S3 CDN media server Module

  • Files site – Path to the file from the root of the site
  • AWS – (YES/NO) Whether AWS is used to load the file
  • Type – File type (image, css, js)
  • Category – Category of the file (product, category, manufacturer, modules, theme, main)
  • Date upload – Date the file was uploaded to the AWS server
  • Date edit – Date the file was modified on the server

File management buttons:

PrestaShop Amazon AWS S3 CDN media server Module

  • Upload file to AWS
  • Uploading file to server from AWS
  • Deactivate file
  • Activate file

Advanced settings in Configuration:

Amazon AWS S3 CDN media

You can change or add file extensions that will be uploaded to the AWS server.

Setting up AWS S3

  1. Register at
  2. Go to the console and in the Services menu, select Storage-> S3 (

AWS S3 registration

    1. Initiate Your Storage Space (Create a Storage Space)
    2. Make sure to uncheck the option for Restrict Public Access during the setup.

Cloud Storage Registration

Secure Cloud Storage Registration

  1. Once your Storage Space is created, access it and navigate to the Permissions section > Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).

Advanced Storage Space Registration

Click the Edit button and configure CORS (in JSON format):


“AllowedHeaders”: [],

“AllowedMethods”: [







“AllowedOrigins”: [



“ExposeHeaders”: []



For access to this service, make sure to set your AllowedOrigins to match your site’s URL.
Access Key Setup
Amazon AWS S3 account key

  • 1. Navigate to Security credentials and choose Access Keys
  • 2. Click on Create New Access Key
  • 3. A modal window will appear with a suggestion to save the key in a CSV file. Keep this file securely. It contains your Access key and Secret key needed for module configuration.

Follow these steps to install the module:

  1. – Upload the module via the Backoffice (Navigate to Modules > Add New Module) or use an FTP client.
  2. – Click Install, and then proceed to configure it.

Additional Information
When replacing styles and scripts URLs on your site, use the following image as a reference:

AWS URLs Replacing

For replacing image URLs on your site, refer to this image:

AWS S3 URLs Replacing

If you are using Prestashop, and you need to replace module URLs, use this reference:

AWS S3 Module Prestashop URLs Replacing
Prestashop Multishop

  • For Physical URL: Supports
  • For Virtual URL: Supports

Each store must configure its own settings.
Demonstration Video
Watch our demonstration video here.

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