PrestaShop modules and marketplace!

Agile Multiple Shop PrestaShop Module

Agile Multiple shop module gives “virtual shop” usefulness within the PrestaShop main store, permitting each dealer to have their personal virtual shop

Agile Multiple Seller 1.7 – PrestaShop module

Agile Multiple Seller for PrestaShop 1.7.x enables multiple sellers (vendors) to share a single PrestaShop store and shopping cart

Add to Cart Redirect – PrestaShop Module

55$ Buy it now! Buy on Compatibility PrestaShop 1.7.x Goal The "Add to Cart" button on the product page is now accompanied by a link that redirects customers away from the default PrestaShop checkout process. The store administrator can assign a unique link to each product. Benefits for Merchants: Merchants, or store owners, can control flexible sales management by directing customers to the products...

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Distribute your store products on WordPress sites – module for PrestaShop

55$ Buy it now! Buy on Compatibility PrestaShop 1.7.x Goal Copy-Paste to WordPress - module which permits you to spread the products with categories of your PrestaShop store on other WordPress locales. As a result, WordPress customers will be able to "add to cart" the items they see in the initial PrestaShop store as they complete their order in PrestaShop. Addons increases the quantity of views...

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ChatGPT Content Generator – module for PrestaShop

Free download! Buy on System Requirements PrestaShop Compatibility: 1.7.5 - 8.x Download documentation ChatGPT Content Generator.pdf Purpose Our Module Empowers SEO-Optimized Content Generation for Products and Text on Categories or Pages with the Intelligence of ChatGPT AI. It Offers Text Enhancement for Uniqueness and Translation Features. Enjoy Bulk Processing and Custom Requests to ChatGPT. Video Merchant Advantages No Additional Costs for ChatGPT Usage! Swift...

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Passwordless login with Google Passkeys – module for PrestaShop

55$ Buy it now! Buy on Product Compatibility Compatible with PrestaShop versions – 8.x. Download Documentation Read the User Manual Purpose Google Passkeys offer a secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords. Both users and administrators can log in using biometric sensors like fingerprints or facial recognition, PIN codes, or patterns, eliminating the need to remember and manage passwords. Benefits for Merchants Enhanced...

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Affiliate Program with Referrals & Promotional Links – module for PrestaShop

55$ Buy it now! Buy on Compatibility PrestaShop – 8.x Access Documentation View User Guide (PDF) Objective Enhance your e-commerce sales by attracting additional traffic from referral-placed affiliate links, whether on social media or websites. Your referrals can create unique URLs for categories or pages and monitor conversion and sales statistics. Merchant Benefits Boost product sales through referrals Expand your store's audience and...

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Amazon AWS S3 CDN media server – module for PrestaShop

55$ Buy it now! Buy on Distinctiveness PrestaShop 1.7.x Purpose of the Module The Amazon AWS S3 CDN media server module is designed to optimize your online store by transferring the majority of your store files to a CDN and loading them from the Amazon AWS S3 cloud. This module replaces the standard media server and offers a highly customizable system for managing settings...

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Services We Can Provide

PrestaShop support

Prestashop 1.6 and older
Prestashop 1.7 and beta
Agile multiple seller marketplace
Thirty Bees official partnership

Themes development

PrestaShop 1.4-1.7 and Thirty Bees
Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma
Mobile and responsive design
Bootstrap, Flexbox and CSS Grid
Site speed optimization

Addons Modules

PrestaShop 1.4-1.7 and newest
Addons marketplace PrestaShop
PrestaShop official code validation
API integration and payment gateways
Agile multiple sellers & Thirty Bees

PrestaShop upgrade

1.6 to 1.7 latest version
Keep actual users and products
Adapt modules & themes
Connect CDN for media files
Customize your PrestaShop

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75+ Developed PrestaShop stores from 2013

15+ PrestaShop marketplaces with multiple vendors

25+ PrestaShop stores maintenance on regular basis

My Lovely Clients – PrestaShop store – a modern online store based on PrestaShop. The original design of the store was achieved thanks to the creation of a new custom PrestaShop theme and the connection of a number of modules. Part of the native Presta functionality and its modules has been redesigned to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Authorization in the store is available via the WeChat social…

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Platim Jewelry – PrestaShop store

Platim Jewelry – online store for the sale of precious jewelry: bracelets, earrings, pendants and chains, rings and brooches. At the heart of the store is PrestaShop with custom modifications. The tasks, our team worked on, included the output of category thumbnails on the main page with their subsequent adaptation for mobile devices; work on specific scripts of the functionality, launched on the crown; other…

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GadgetMan – PrestaShop store

GadgetMan – another PrestaShop store with the customization our team has implemented. Changes concerned the logic of certain functional elements, as well as the front-end units redesig. At the last stage of the work, we have significantly improved the site load speed parameters: according to GTMetrix data, the indicators grew from “G” to “A”, and the number of database requests decreased by 25%.

WHITE DENTAL GROUP – PrestaShop for Shop and Landing

A large-scale, complex, but incredibly interesting project on the PrestaShop platform was implemented by the SoftSprint team not so long ago! WHITE DENTAL GROUP is a company that has been popularizing progressive technologies and novelties of the dental industry from “advanced” world brands and professionals in our country for several years. E-Shop and Landing – these are the tasks that were set before us, in…

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