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Introducing the Future of Secure Shopping: Passwordless Login with Google Passkeys for PrestaShop

Module details: In the ever-evolving digital world, security and convenience in online shopping have become paramount. PrestaShop, a leading eCommerce platform, has taken a significant leap forward by introducing a module that revolutionizes the…

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Revolutionize Your PrestaShop Store with the “Amazon AWS S3 CDN Media Server” Module: 5 Compelling Reasons to Make the Purchase

Link to the module: Introduction: In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential for online store owners. PrestaShop, a widely-used e-commerce platform, continues to evolve to meet the demands…

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Streamlining PrestaShop Translation with “Translate All in One using ChatGPT SEO Translation” Module

Link to the module: Introduction: In the ever-expanding global marketplace, catering to a diverse audience is crucial for the success of online businesses. PrestaShop, a widely used e-commerce platform, has introduced a groundbreaking module…

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