Framework prerequisites for PrestaShop 1.7

PrestaShop needs the accompanying worker arrangement to run:

  • Framework: Unix, Linux or Windows
  • Server requirements: Apache Web Server 2.2 or any later form
  • PHP: We suggest PHP 7.1 or later. See the similarity graph beneath for additional subtleties
  • MySQL: 5.6 least, a new form is suggested.
  • RAM: more is always better. We suggest setting the memory distribution per content (memory_limit) to at least 256M.
  • PrestaShop can likewise work with Nginx 1.0 or later.

Step by step instructions to check your worker meets PrestaShop’s necessities

You can utilize our framework necessities instrument ( to effectively check if your current circumstance satisfies PrestaShop’s prerequisites. Here’s the secret:

  • Download the most recent adaptation from GitHub (
  • Concentrate the compress document
  • Transfer the phppsinfo.php document to your worker and put it inside your present shop’s catalog or the one where you expect to introduce it
  • Open it up on your program ( to-your-prestashop/phppsinfo.php)
  • Type in the login and secret key whenever incited (use prestashop for both).

You’ll get a website page itemizing necessities and suggestions, and how your worker does contrasted with them:

PrestaShop needs a couple of increases to PHP and MySQL to completely work. Ensure that your PHP arrangement has the accompanying expansions and settings designed:


CURL –  The Client URL augmentation is utilized to download distant assets like modules and restriction bundles.

DOM –  The DOM augmentation is expected to parse XML records. PrestaShop utilizes it for different functionalities, similar to the Store Locator. It is likewise utilized by certain modules, just as the pear_xml_parse library.

Fileinfo – The File data expansion is utilized to discover the record kind of transferred documents.

GD –  The GD expansion is utilized to make thumbnails for the pictures that you transfer.

Iconv –  The ICONV expansion is utilized to change over character sets.

Intl – The Internationalization expansion is utilized to show confined information, for example, sums in various monetary standards.

JSON –  The JSON augmentation is utilized to oversee JSON design.

Mbstring –  The Multibyte string expansion to perform string activities all over the place.

OpenSSL –  The OpenSSL expansion is utilized to improve security.

PDO –  The PHP Data Objects expansion is utilized to interface with data sets.

PDO (MySQL) –  The PDO_MYSQL driver is utilized to interface with MySQL data sets.

SimpleXML –  The SimpleXML expansion is utilized to oversee XML documents.

Zip – The Zip expansion is utilized to extend compacted documents, for example, modules and limitation bundles.


allow_url_fopen empowered. This mandate empowers PrestaShop to get to distant documents, which is a fundamental piece of the installment cycle, among others things. It is in this way basic to have it set to On.

Here is a segment of the php.ini record (the design document for PHP): Framework prerequisites for PrestaShop 1.7

extension = php_mysql.dll
extension = php_gd2.dll
allow_url_fopen = On
allow_url_include = Off

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