Agile Multiple Seller 1.6 – PrestaShop module

PrestaShop version: 1.6

Short information:

Agile Multiple Seller is a PrestaShop addon module that empowers various dealers (merchants) to share a solitary PrestaShop store and shopping basket. It can transform your PrestaShop into a marketplace. The store (marketplace) proprietor controls all admittance to the PrestaShop store. Dealers/Vendors can enumerate, sell and deal with their items and orders.


1. Administrator conveniences

  • Merchant (administrator) сan effectively make a marketplace from his store by adding new various dealers
  • Admin can add the dealers OR they can enlist all alone
  • Admin can deal with all merchants (affirm the new dealer enlistment, block, alter, erase)
  • All dealer’s items would not be any more drawn out accessible on the site if administrator erases or impedes this current vender’s record
  • Admin can deal with the products of sellers
  • Admin can make new products and categories for the dealer
  • Admin can allocate existing items to a particular dealer
  • Admin can decide the new merchants enrollment conditions which are important to be acknowledged by dealers while they are applying
  • Admin can see the dealer’s orders

2. Dealers conveniences

  • Dealers can deal with their accounts and stores (change individual information, change the depictions and address of their stores, pictures, and so on)
  • Dealers can deal with their orders (see, change status, answer client’s questions)
  • Dealers can add a limitless number of items
  • Dealers can add/change products information in various languages ​​(depending on Prestashop settings)
  • Dealers can clone their current products
  • Dealers can add/change/erase combinations of products
  • Dealers can determine delivery methods for the products
  • Dealers can make the virtual goods

3. Customer conveniences

  • Customer has a chance to see product offers from a few sellers while remaining on one website without searching for different proposals all through of Internet
  • Customer can make an order with items from a few sellers at the same time (add the various sellers products to the cart and continue the order)
  • Customer will get separate orders if he purchases the products from a few sellers
  • Customer can see a data about the seller on the products page
  • Customer can contact the seller
  • Customer can see the situation with order preparing by the seller


Administrator arrangement page:

  • Set the page with the Seller Terms and Conditions, which the new sellers ought to accept
    while applying to the marketplace enlistment;
  • Settings with the Google map – set the Google API Key sign;
  • Choose the Payment Collection Mode: who will acknowledge the payments for the orders (administrator or dealers or both);
  • Shopping Сart Mode permits to decide either the products from various dealers are permitted to be added to the cart simultaneously;
  • Listing Approval Required – characterizes if administrator needs to approve the dealers before the posting;
  • Approval Notification To Seller – sends the notice towards the approval to seller;
  • Seller Copy product – permits dealer to duplicate the products from principle store, when add another product;
  • Limit Products Image Number – characterizes the amount of the pictures, which the seller is permitted to upload.

Seller configuration page:
Summary – is the tab with the essential measurements towards the seller and his orders

Business info – the tab, where the seller is permitted to add such information, as: organization name, logo, address, and so on

Payment info – this tab where the seller can enter information about payment methods. For instance, the seller can accept a payment straightforwardly from the customer. The seller will refresh the information of account and afterward the payment module will send cash straightforwardly to his account not to the administrator’s account.

Products – this tab is for adding the new products, dealing with their stock, costs, pictures, categories, substantially more.

Orders – the tab, where the seller can view his orders, change their status, answer on the clients demands.


  • Upload the module through the Backoffice (Modules > Add New Module) or utilizing a FTP client
  • Hit Install it and enter the configuration
  • There will be shown 2 modules after the installation is finished: “Agile Kernel”, which is a premise module with no configurations and the “Agile Multiple Seller 1.6”, which really permits you to deal with the sellers and their stores

Correlation of Agile Multiple Seller 1.6 with Prestashop Multishop

Is it probable to decide the rundown of products that are accessible just for a specific store?

  • Agile Multiple Seller – YES
  • Prestashop Multishop – YES

Is it probable to regulate categories that are accessible just for a particular store?

  • Agile Multiple Seller – YES
  • Prestashop Multishop – YES

Could the store alter its own delivery methods?

  • Agile Multiple Seller – YES
  • Prestashop Multishop – YES

Could the store modify its own payment methods?

  • Agile Multiple Seller – YES
  • Prestashop Multishop – YES

Would customer be able to purchase products from the few stores?

  • Agile Multiple Seller – YES
  • Prestashop Multishop – NO

Would customer be able to set up their own store and sell products?

  • Agile Multiple Seller – YES
  • Prestashop Multishop – NO

Is it probable to part orders from a few stores?

  • Agile Multiple Seller – YES
  • Prestashop Multishop – NO


Test environment:

  • front-end:

  • back-end:

login: [email protected]

password: demodemo

Link to buy:

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